Here at ET Landnet we're very proud to be celebrating our 10th Anniversary as a Company. 

Over the last 10 years we've represented Landowners on a variety of matters from path claims to footpath

and bridleway diversions, and extinguishments.

Anyone who is familiar with Rights of Way will know that more often than not it can be years before a

decision is made on a case, which is why we are proud to have won 63 cases 

over the last 10 years for our clients!

We continue to pride ourselves on our specialist Rights of Way knowledge, and dedication and 

commitment for getting the right result for our clients.

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... everything from Path Claims to Footpath and Bridleway Diversions, to Extinguishments!

We represent Landowners all over England and Wales. Needless to say that's quite a bit of driving... and the odd coffee stop!

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...away from homes, fields, farmyards, and more! What a difference this has made to our clients' businesses, privacy and security, and livelihoods!

We know that having a footpath on your property can not only impact on your business, your privacy and security, but also on your general wellbeing. We can help. Contact us for an informal chat today!

Here are some of our Clients' testimonials over the last 10 years...

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