LATEST NEWS - November 2019

November 2019 - we had confirmation of the diversion of a public footpath through the garden of Manor Farm, Little Rollright, Oxfordshire at the end of October.  It was a long haul but the result is very welcome, especially the Inspector's findings of the impact on the privacy of the landowner.

In October we also had the decision on a diversion in Dorset, where the Inspector confirmed the diversion of 3 footpaths behind our client's residence. 

Earlier in August 2019 - we celebrated the confirmation of a diversion in Kent to improve our clients' privacy; the diversion of a footpath in Gloucestershire to enable the development of a building plot and in Nottinghamshire, a significant award of costs for our clients following a successful defence of their land against a private right of way claim.

We are currently responding to several claims to record public rights of way on land owned by our clients.  In October we submitted three written objections to orders made in Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Shropshire.

We have public inquiries scheduled for 2020 in Monmouthshire, Kent, Surrey and Merthyr Tydfil.


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