August 2019 - we are celebrating the confirmation of a diversion in Kent to improve our clients' privacy; the diversion of a footpath in Gloucestershire to enable the development of a building plot and in Nottinghamshire, a significant award of costs for our clients following a successful defence of their land against a private right of way.

In July, we completed a public inquiry in Dorset dealing with a number of paths across our client's land and await the result, having responded to a late submission from an objector.

In October we have a hearing for the diversion of a footpath at Little Rollright, Oxfordshire.

Meanwhile we are awaiting decisions on 2 cases to record public footpaths (one in Kent and one in North Yorkshire) which are being determined by written representations.  We have a 10 week public inquiry (the longest we have ever known of for a public right of way claim) scheduled for May 2020 and the planning inspectorate are arranging inquiries for inquiries in Surrey and Kent in our cases.


This is why we do what we do!