Welcome to 2019...

We finished 2018 with two excellent results.  A path diversion in Surrey was confirmed to move a footpath away from our client's house and out of a paddock to a designated field edge path which is fenced and separated from his Stud.

In Pembrokeshire, we secured the diversion of a footpath which was obstructed by a residential property on a farm, enabling the executors to sell the property.  The matter was time critical in view of the need to retain the purchaser and we drafted all documents (and had them translated into Welsh) in order to allieviate the Council of that responsibility.

In October 2018, we secured a footpath extinguishment in Gloucestershire, removing a public right of way over our client's driveway and garden, enabling him to secure his house and grounds.  The proposal had attracted an objection from the Open Spaces Society but they agreed to withdraw before the matter was submitted to the Secretary of State.

This is why we do what we do!